Mowing accident almost claims life

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WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT: A mum claims she’s lucky to be alive after a freak gardening accident.

Kendra Jensen was on the deck as her husband Andy mowed the lawn last week when something flew at her from about six to nine metres away.

Ms Jensen, from Idaho in the US, wrote on Facebook the object sliced her neck and shoulder open.

“Thankfully it missed my carotid, trachea, vocal cords and everything important,” she wrote.

Kendra Jensen pictured in a hospital bed with a deep sliced wound to her neck. Her husband was mowing the lawn when something flew at her slicing her neck and shoulder open.

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Kendra Jensen in hospital as doctors attend to her neck and shoulder wounds. Source: Facebook/ Kendra Jensen


Luckily, Mr Jensen, who is a police officer was able “to act quickly” using his training. His wife was rushed to hospital.

Images from hospital show Ms Jensen’s horrifying injuries with a gaping wound in her neck.

It was stitched up and within a matter of hours Ms Jensen was back home.

Stitches seen on Kendra Jensen's shoulder and (right) a surgeon stitches up her throat. Something flew at her while her husband was mowing the lawn - cutting her neck and shoulder open.

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A wound is seen on Ms Jensen’s shoulder as surgeons stitch her neck up. She believes the injuries were caused by a rock. Source: Facebook/ Kendra Jensen


“Today I got lucky,” she wrote.

“Today I’m a lesson that we all need to stay inside and away from lawnmowers when someone else is mowing. Today I’m thankful it was me and not one of my boys.”

People compared her accident to something from the horror film Final Destination.

“Oh my God! So thankful you’re OK! That’s absolutely terrifying! Holy moly, this gives me chills,” one woman wrote.

Others added it comes as a reminder to be cautious whenever operating a lawn mower.

“Glad everything turned out and you’re OK,” one woman wrote.

“I’m always looking in my grass before I cut. A friend of mine was mowing the lawn and was walking backwards and tripped.

“He had shoes on (but) the lawn mower went over his foot. He almost lost his big toe but lost the two others beside it. So scary.”

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