Naked golfers take to Humpty Doo

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There were a few more balls on display than usual as nudists took over an Australian golf course, it was revealed today.

The event saw thirty golfers in only shoes and hats descend on the Humpty Doo golf course near Darwin. Thirty golfers and half a dozen spectators attending the nudist event in DarwinEvent co-organiser Bruce Jensen told Sun Online playing nude put a new emphasis on “how you’re swinging”.

It took some convincing to get the owners to allow the “Wandering Bares” event, according to Jensen.

Even then, two fairways – those in full view of the clubhouse – had to be skipped.

Jensen said the event was such a success he would push for all-access use next year – and there are even two professional golfers who plan to attend. The organiser said the only burnt sausages on the day were those on the plateJensen said: “There’s a radio golf show run by two professional golfers and they are apparently also nudists.

“I did a live interview on the radio with them and both those nude golfers are coming up. It’ll be a Pro-Am.”

There were a few cautionary tales from the game and the barbecue afterwards, although Jensen said “the only sausages that got burned were the ones that were on the plate”.

A few of the less-experienced naturists in the group were also a little pink the next day – despite the cautionary sunhats.

One golfer who opted to carry his own clubs rather than grab a buggy also came away with some chafing.

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