New Release 400 Litre Skid Sprayer from Silvan

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Silvan Australia has released a new 400 Litre tank capacity Skid Mounted Sprayer that meets the spray application needs of on property or general grounds management tasks like blackberry, bracken or noxious weed reduction.

Mounted on a galvanized steel skid frame the 400 Litre unit is the ideal on off spray unit for a utility vehicle or a trailer.

The 400 Litre ultra violet stabilised Polytuff tank includes an internal baffle and a sump that facilities cleaning or alternative chemical changes.

With everything mounted on the galvanized steel skid frame the power is supplied by a Honda GX160 5.5 horsepower four stroke engine coupled to high quality Italian diaphragm pump.

This provides a 56 litre per minute minimum open flow rate at a maximum pressure of 20 bar, or 290 psi.

Distribution is by a Reel Tuff remote reel. a mine specification galvanised steel reel with an internal gearbox that carries a 100 metre length of Smoothline hose to which is fitted a Turbo 400 spray gun which with its manual adjustment can produce from a mist to a pencil thin stream or spray pattern.

The long range hand held remote controller supplied can be used to reel in or recoil the hose when spraying is being done remote or out of sight from the position of the vehicle or spray unit.

An option is to fit two Reel Tuff hose reels for more demanding spray situations, even a higher pressure pump option is available for commercial spraying or contractor use.

Silvan Australia spokesman Greg Everett says that the 400 Litre Skid Mounted Spray Unit has been developed in response to requests from the local government and land management agency sector, larger property owners and horticultural or plantation type projects where the seasonal demand is for a larger capacity self-contained spray assembly that can be used regularly with ease of mobility and transport.

“Silvan has been meeting the needs of these types of users for some time with purpose-built slip on spray units but due to their popularity our new 400 Litre Skid Sprayer is now a stock range item”.

Prices begin at $8,999 for the 400 Litre standard unit with one Reel Tuff Hose reel and remote control.

For more information: Silvan Australia on 1300 SILVAN (1300 745 826) or email for a full technical specification.