New screen as long as a football field will be built at Stadium Australia

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The longest high-definition straight-run stadium video display screen anywhere in the world will be built at Stadium Australia.

Work on the “Great Southern Screen” will begin after NRL grand final day and will be in place for the start of the 2022 season.

At 120m long and 10m high, the new screen will stretch across the entire end of Stadium Australia and will be the equivalent of the length of the football field.

Not only will be new super-sized screen show replays but will be used to immerse fans not at the game into the action via a virtual experience.

It will be the longest high-definition straight-run stadium video display anywhere in the world.

Daktronics Australia will construct the screen, which is expected to deliver a “live game-day experience that has never been experienced in Australia”.

Populous,a global architectural design firm specialising in creating environments and venues that draw communities and people together, has planned the integration of the new video display at Stadium Australia.

Populous Senior Principal Al Baxter said this was a great example of enhancing the event experience and adding flexibility for the event operators at the same time.

The positioning and functionality of this enormous high-definition screen will create a major impact on fans. Whether it’s watching the finals of the 2023 Women’s World Cup, State of Origin, a Guns N’ Roses concert or for something like the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, every person in the Stadium will be immersed in live feeds, replays, split-screen programming or social media chats.”

“Adding the Great Southern Screen seamlessly into the stands takes the view from a 200sq/m screen to a monumental 1200sq/m, creating opportunities for greater event branding, spectator engagement and potential revenue for the stadium hirers.”

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