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turfmate recently welcomed a brand new Sydney journalist on board, who will be helping to keep us up to date with all the turf industry news from NSW.

To introduce him to the industry, we took him along to the AGCSA conference on the Gold Coast recently, and this is what he thought of the experience.


“Foliar nutrients, nematode, fungicide, stimpmeters, aeration. To turfies, these terms may seem as ‘everyday’ as a cup of coffee at breakfast. But to a layman, these terms may as well be another language. 

As someone new to the industry, this is how I felt at the 30th Australian Turfgrass Conference held at the Gold Coast recently. The stalls showcased the newest technology and machinery in turf, which was wonderful to see up close. 

More importantly, the conference showed me the sophistication of turf science and the turfies’ level of expertise in the technicalities of all things turf. 

There is a lot to learn, but I look forward to working in the industry.”

1. Name: Sean May.
2. Place of work and position: turfmate, Sydney writer.
3. Family: Mum, Dad and three sisters.

4. Favourite food: Dumplings. I can eat them all day.
5. Favourite movie: The Big Lebowski.

6. Favourite band/ musician: I like all types of music, but lately I’ve been particularly keen on jazz- Wes Montgomery, Grant Green.


7. Favourite sport: 
Rugby Union, football, baseball.
8. Favourite sporting teams: Wallabies.
9. Hobbies: Camping, skateboarding, reading.

10. Drinker/ favourite drink: Beer- I’ve been spoiled by working at a craft beer pub.
11. Travelled to: Asia- Japan, Thailand, USA, UK, Germany.
12.  If you had to be a woman / man for the day who would you be? Probably an astronaut in space.


13. What would make your job easier? Instant knowledge on all things turf.
14. Favourite company in the turf industry: turfmate!

15.  Who is your dream date? Audrey Tautou. She’s a classy lady.
16.  If you could pick one person, dead or alive, who would you invite for a Sunday roast? See above.
17. Who has been the biggest influence in your life and why: John Jeremiah Sullivan. I like the way he writes.

19. Describe your home garden: Small, with an overgrown veggie patch.
20. Personal work motto: Work hard, play hard.
21. Who would you turn gay for: Steve McQueen 

We look forward to seeing what Sean comes up with in the next few months for turfmate, so keep your eyes peeled!