New water saving turf arrives in Australia

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A revolutionary new water saving turf has arrived in Australia, as a new report predicts water bills will skyrocket by as much as 50 per cent in the next decade.

The Lawn Solutions Australia variety known as TifTuf – was developed in drought-prone areas of the United States and uses 38% less water than other species.

Lawn Solutions Australia Technical Manager, Joe Rogers says TifTuf couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

“This is the perfect solution to Australia’s water problems, the report out today from Infrastructure Australia shows that bills could rise by $600, or 50 per cent, over the next ten years, said Rogers.

“That could put the average family’s water bill as high as $1827! It’s predicted to exceed $2500 by 2040!

 “The situation is so serious that the some state government ministers have even called for homeowners to rip up their lawns to save water.

“But clearly – ripping up turf is not the answer to a water crisis, particularly with our climate issues. Turf is essential because it supports natural habitats, helps breakdown carbon and prevents urban island heat effect.

“TifTuf provides a fantastic water-saving option for homeowners, businesses and governments across Australia.

“The turf can be utilised by everyone across the country – not only saving water, but saving a huge amount when it comes to your water bill.  

“TifTuf took 25 years to develop in the USA, for use in climates that face extreme drought conditions. It’s actually designed to be a cost saving measure – because the price of water is so high in America.

“What we have found with TifTuf in the USA is that after 3 seasons, the saving that is delivered on water actually covers the cost of supply and installation of the turf itself.

 “It has the ability to tolerate drought, but also extreme heat, extreme cold and shade. 

“Lawn Solutions Australia is thrilled to launch this innovative product, which is the perfect fit for Australia’s unique environment.

“Lawn Solutions Australia would be happy to meet with Government and discuss how it could utilise TifTuf in all future projects and our range of water savings measures which could benefit the state.

TifTuf will be available from all Lawn Solutions Australia members, for more information please visit