Nocturnal lawn thief strikes again

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A nocturnal lawn thief has struck again and spoiled residents’ final chance to run blades of special grass through their toes at the Forest Gardens duck pond.

Division 3 Cairns Regional Councillor Cathy Zeiger managed to get stolen strips of the shade-resistant zoysia turf replaced in May after the first bout of lawn larceny gripped the suburb.

After a propitious break in the pilfers, it appears the thief has come back for round two.

“The media coverage was great, that stopped it for a while because everyone was talking about it,” she said.

“Now they’re back at it.

“I noticed one strip was gone, then the next morning there was another one gone.

“Now there’s just one random strip there waiting to go.”

The grass, laid under a dark spot beside a rail underpass, will not be replaced this time around.

“It’s over,” Cr Zeiger said.

“They won’t give me any more grass and I understand why not.

“I just wanted to give it one last shot.”

The zoysia variety fetches about $12.50 per square metre compared to $6.50 for kikuyu and $6.95 for regular old couch grass, according to Sydney’s turf prices on June 6.

It is a handsome, spongy grass and thrives in low light.

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