Oh What A Difference, Two Years Make…

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A family has shared the amazing two year transformation of their country NSW backyard after enduring many years of drought.

The photos taken in the historical far west NSW town of Silverton, near Broken Hill, captured the huge change in weather the area witnessed since 2020.

Like much of the land in outback NSW, John Blore and his family are used to bone-dry dusty conditions.

However, it just goes to show how effective a decent amount of rainfall can make to this barren land.

After receiving a few years worth of rain, the farmland has been transformed from red dust, to grass as far as they eye can see.

This is quite a rare sight in this part of the NSW, highlighted by one person who commented: ‘Truly amazing here in the outback… never seen it so green.’

In the most recent image, you can see the same young boy from the photo shot two years earlier playing on the swing.

Another added: ‘Marvelous how much effect a bit of rain can make… You can even see how much the boy has grown.’

In the original Facebook post by Mr Blore with the dry conditions, one person wrote: ‘Some beautiful colours, but bloody difficult for a lot of people to comprehend how tough people on the land are having it.’

‘I reckon everyone is praying for some decent widespread rain. To help the country rejuvenate and give some respite for all you people on the land. I hope you and your family are all coping ok.’

The forecast for Silverton is partly cloudy, with temperatures in the mid-to-late teens for the remainder of the week. 

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