Pirie Golf Club celebrates 106 years

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If I was one hundred and six years old, I would hope that someone would be celebrating my birthday.

Well, the Pirie Golf Club is one hundred and six years old this year and we did celebrate on Saturday.Not overly, but a nice barbie and drinks on the house and some good cheer, things that bring our members together, even if for a short time.

It was nice to see the members relaxed, having a feed and a drink after their round of golf.

A nice day prevailed also, so all way good in the golfer’s world.

Golf is a funny game, not like any other.

It is game that, even though you do win and play to win, you really play the game against yourself.

It is the game where you play to better your own score, beating the other golfers is just a plus.

For those that do better their score, they have the satisfaction of seeing their handicap slip away, or it that fear of entering the unknown.

And rules! My gosh, who would think that such a singular sport could have so many rules.

There is a rule to hold your head this way, a rule to smile when you swing.

Well, not really, but almost!

But if you don’t know your rules and don’t play your game to the rules, well, in a way you are cheating.

But, who are you cheating? That’s correct- just yourself.

You may win the day but what really have you won? So, learn your rules and play by them and play true to yourself.

Source, Image & More: https://www.portpirierecorder.com.au/