Plans to cull animals dropped

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A Tasmanian golf club has bowed to public pressure — including from Hollywood star Russell Crowe — and backed down from a plan to cull native animals that had been leaving droppings on its course.

The Launceston Golf Club issued a statement on Monday afternoon, saying it “acknowledges the strength of negative public opinion regarding this matter” and would not proceed with the cull, which it had planned to start on May 1.

General manager Tony Powell said no animals had been culled in the interim.

“The club has always endeavoured to ensure a sustainable level of native fauna on the property while maintaining a championship golf course along with its infrastructure,” a statement from the club said.

The plan attracted backlash from nearby residents and the Tasmanian Conservation Trust but it gained even more notoriety when Crowe took to social media to brand it “unacceptable, in glorious Tasmania of all places”.

The club had been granted a culling permit by the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment.

Mr Powell did not say whether the permit would be handed back or how the club intended to manage native wildlife around its course, located on Opossum Road at Kings Meadows.

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