Port Pirie West Primary School Oval Available For The Communiy

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A joint agreement between Port Pirie West Primary School and the Port Pirie Regional Council is being endorsed to provide shared use of the school oval, on the corner of Memorial Drive and the Terrace.

The Port Pirie West Primary School oval benefited as part of sports precinct development and most recently has been a hub for a range of sporting events including sport carnivals and Savoy soccer matches.

In a statement released by council, they want to reiterate that the facility remains an oval for the school but is also open for shared use by the community.

“A joint use agreement has been created between the Minister of Education (on behalf of Port Pirie West Primary School) and Port Pirie Regional Council to enable shared use of the oval.”

“This agreement states the Port Pirie West Primary School has priority use of the oval during school hours on Monday to Friday (9am to 3.30pm) but is available for community use outside of these hours,” a council spokesperson said.

School principal Fiona Perry says the purpose of the discussion is to ensure that the community know when the oval can and can not be used.

“We want to make sure the community are aware that the school does own the oval through the minister and that there is a great partnership between us and the council so that the students can use the oval in PE lessons but also the council has the opportunity to invite other people to use the space after school hours.”

“It is contracted through the council, through Belgravia. Bookings are going through there,” she said.

The school’s governing council chairman Matt Giles says that they are so proud of their oval and it is providing benefits to them as well as the community.

“We have been able to maintain our links that the school had with community through sporting clubs and bodies being able to use the facility for trainings and those sorts of events as well.”

“It has certainly opened up the use of the oval as well. You see young kids playing soccer, junior football being played here. It has broadened what the oval was used for previously,” Mr Giles said.

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