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On returning from a summer break, our Managing Director shared this photo from a fishing charter (a successful one by all accounts!) and what followed was the story of how Seamungus was developed over 20 years ago.

Product development can come in many forms. Sometimes from a specific identified need, other times from a discovery in our R&D lab and, in the case of Seamungus, an event occurs that presents an opportunity that spurs a new product into life.

In April 1996, in Boston Bay, South Australia, organic wastes and nutrients from the caged tuna farms contributed to a phytoplankton bloom. This large-scale bloom – or “Red Tide” – reduced oxygen levels and caused extensive gill damage to the tuna. The bloom, together with weather events that stirred up the waste, resulted in 75% of the tuna stock being killed.

In response to this catastrophic event for the then $90 million dollar tuna industry in the area, the Port Lincoln council set up a process to compost the tuna with the aid of Flinders University and the late Dr Nick McLure. Neutrog sourced and utilised some of this tuna compost and combined it with poultry manure, humates, seagrass and kelp to produce a product to be known as Seamungus.

The combination of ingredients created a product that delivered a diverse range of nutrients with numerous natural growth stimulants. Stimulants that encouraged growth both above and below the ground. Following product development and testing, the first batches of Seamungus were produced in the early 2000’s and it has since become one of our most widely used products in both home garden and commercial applications.

Seamungus contains three individual varieties of kelp. Bull kelp from Tasmania, Brown kelp from South Australia and kelp powder from south-east Asia. 

Each of these varieties has individual attributes which when combined with fish, humic acid and manure, make it a potent tonic for your garden.

Seamungus will hold up to 70% of its own weight in moisture – significantly increasing your soils ability to retain water and nutrients. Seamungus is available in a liquid, pellet and crumble and can be found at your local hardware store or garden centre.



Established – apply 100g per square metre every 6-8 weeks

throughout the year, including winter, or as required.

Planting – apply 50g per plant to base of the hole and cover with 1-5cm soil.

Pots – apply 50g per 8″ pot every 6 weeks with relative increases or decreases

depending on the pot size.


Established – apply 100g per square metre every 10-12 weeks throughout the year or as required.

New – incorporate 100g per square metre into the soil prior to planting or laying. Always water in well.


Shake well before use.

40ml (1 capful) of Seamungus diluted in 8-10 litres of water will treat up to 8 square metres of soil. For optimum results, apply every month. Use diluted product within 1 week. 1 litre will make 120 litres


A litre container will hold approximately 600g of Seamungus and 1 cup will hold approximately 150g

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