Renworx take on redevelopment of Sydney’s Concord Oval

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Steve Mallyon spent 15 years as a golf course manager at some of Sydney’s top clubs as well as travelling the world working at a variety of Majors, including two US Open’s, A President’s Cup and a British Open at St. Andrews.

Nowadays he’s the Operations Manager for Renworx, specialists in the construction and maintenance of premium sporting facilities where he is currently overseeing the redevelopment of Sydney’s Concord Oval playing surface, on the company’s behalf.

turfmate caught up with him to get the inside scoop on the planned works and find out what results the West Tigers Rugby team and local community can look forward to on completion.

turfmate: How did Renworx’s involvement in the project come about?

 Steve Mallyon: “ADCO Constructions are a Tier 1 construction company, and they are the principal contractors for Concord Oval, and we are working with them. It was actually the Canada Bay City Council (who are ADCO’s client) who put us forward for the construction of the field in the first place, based on some of the successful projects we’ve done for them in the past. It’s always nice having the end client putting us forward as the preferred contractor to do the actual works!” 

tm: What is the timeframe for this project? And what exactly needs to be done?

SM:We have to have the field back in play for the West Tigers on the 8th of February, 2022 and it has to be reconstructed, grown in and ready for them to play.  

“We broke ground on Tuesday 24 August with the Field Topmaker, to get rid of all the existing vegetative matter to a depth of 50 millimetres. This was then followed by a surface cultivator, that turned the soil over and combined whatever was left to about 250 millimetres. 

“We are currently removing the old irrigation and drainage systems and we are planning to do the first rough leveling over the playing surface, within the next few days to form the new profile shape and then finally we’ll go through and install all the new irrigation and drainage.”

tm: Will Renworx be managing all these processes in-house?

SM:Yes, all the earthworks are performed by our specialist team and we’ve got an in-house drainage division, so we’ll do all the drainage ourselves. Irrigation-wise, we have a good relationship with Neverstop Water, who will be be doing the installation of the irrigation infrastructure for us.

“The big difference between the existing systems and the new systems, is the actual design of the drainage. It’s very intricate and there’s going to be a lot more of it installed, which will ensure that any excess water will penetrate through the soil profile and into the new drainage system and escape off the field, so that it doesn’t stay waterlogged for long.

“In terms of the irrigation system, it’s all new technology. The new sprinkler heads are more efficient with how they use water, as is the new pump system that powers the irrigation system. The water is used much more efficiently than just a big drenching, which was the old way of watering.” 

tm: How are you feeling about the project?

SM: “This is the first small step into the stadium market for Renworx and it is something we have been working towards for a few years. ADCO Constructions, has been a pleasure to work with and we are really looking forward to producing a premium playing surface for the West’s Tigers and the greater community of Canada Bay. 

“For me personally, whether it’s a golf course, open space or stadium, I’ve always enjoyed being part of redevelopments. I love coming in and seeing something that needs to be upgraded and being able to rip in and change the entire landscape to something that we can all be proud of.

We wish Renworx all the best with this exciting new project and look forward to checking back in to see how it turns out early next year.