Revitalize Customer Experience with MiClub’s Integrated Facility Management Technology for Golf Venues

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Since 2000, MiClub have been trailblazers in the Australian golf industry with their web-based golf and club management software.

Guided by a strong focus on improving customer experience and increasing efficiencies for staff, MiClub’s systems are constantly innovating the way Australian golf clubs operate.

Two of MiClub’s popular facility management products are Range Servant Integration and SwiftPOS. They are currently deployed at multiple Australian golf venues including Moore Park Golf and Curlewis Driving Range. This software integrates Range Servant ball dispensers with point of sale software to create a unique service experience.

SwiftPOS, point of sale management
SwiftPOS is a point of sale management system that has over 12,500 touch terminals in use worldwide. While it was originally developed for the hospitality industry, it is a perfect fit for golf venues due to its retail features and the capacity to integrate with Range Servant ball dispensers and MiClub software.

Through SwiftPOS, facilities can implement a wide range of point of sale features. Adding digital menu boards, advertising and kitchen order screens are all fantastic ways to enrich customer experiences through service. For staff, SwiftPOS not only improves customer service but also controls stock levels, collects useful customer information and analyses sales performance making for a smoother management experience.

Curlewis Golf Club’s driving range facility uses SwiftPOS and Range Servant to help form their distinct service environment. Club Manager Brenden Caligari says “in 2016, MiClub recommended that we transition our existing POS software to SwiftPOS. Two years on, we could never have imagined the benefits; from ease of use for staff to building customised reports. SwiftPOS has ensured that our commercial operation transacts, tracks, reports and stocktakes accurately.”

Range Servant ball dispenser integration
The Range Servant interface helps golf clubs further with various administrative tasks including managing yield, setting happy hour times and dispensing balls at different rates based on the member or customer classification. With this setup, customers have access to Range Servant ball dispensers with barcode receipts and contactless smart cards for quick and convenient purchasing. The biggest benefit of an integrated facility management system is that golf operators require only one system, rather than having to juggle multiple payment or stock systems.

To round out the system, MiClub can also set-up touch screen kiosks, loyalty programs, membership cards and other features that work to make a very smooth service experience for players and staff alike. When a golf club installs MiClub’s integrated SwiftPOS system with Range Servant ball dispensers, they create processes that improves workflow for administrators and enhance the service experience for players.

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