Sacked ABEL GM speaks out

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Former ABEL General Manager/Operations David Vesely has broken his silence on his mysterious and sudden termination two months ago in March 2014, revealing his disappointment at how his role ended as he starts to look for new opportunities.

Mr Vesely, confirmed he had made an out-of-court settlement with ‘ABEL Sports’ after lodging an unfair dismissal claim only two months ago in March 2014.

He said he was unable to disclose details of his settlement but admitted not having been able to move forward until the settlement was closed due to the  bitterness surrounding his departure.

“It was very disappointing having been there for four years” he said. “Our aim was to build the business  and we did that.

“We started a Stadium division that brought sales into the company from around  Australia and even a couple of installations overseas.

“We offered clients a one stop shop and it worked, sales increased every month. Sales and output almost doubled over the four years of being there and that’s purely because of what we did.”

Mr Vesely said he is now focused on moving forward looking for new reliable long term opportunities.