Safety concerns for Spotless Stadium

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Newcastle Jets notched up their first win of the season, overcoming Western Sydney Wanderers 2-0 in the evening match. But the pitch, which was sandy and patchy, was littered with plastic shards from cups after a concert held at the venue last week.

“In our game, the quality of the playing surface afforded to the players is critical,” PFA Chief Executive John Didulica said.

“It is impossible for any player to play to their capacity when a fundamental component of the game is hijacked.

“Through our discussions with the clubs and FFA since the match we accept the extreme weather leading into the fixture in Sydney contributed to the dangerous conditions. However, this does not change the heightened risk of injury that players were exposed to nor the overall inadequacy of the surface for football.

“I think everybody in the game – players, administrators, coaches and fans – deserve higher standards of care from our stadiums if they wish to host football matches.”

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