Safety screen installed at Royal Melbourne

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Royal Melbourne’s massive new maintenance facility now has an equally impressive new high safety screen protecting it from range balls.

Constructed by Country Club International it has combined some of the world’s latest pole design technology with a “space age” Dyneema netting.

Valmont Engineering – a major world-wide company with 32 plants and over 9400 staff – designed the seamless tapered 18m high galvanized and powder coated steel poles to match the wind load characteristic of the new net.

Dyneema is used in many high tech applications around the world, exploiting its high strength and low weight characteristics, including police and military body armour for ballistics protection. It is up to 15 times stronger than steel on a weight for weight basis.

In terms of netting it was first used extensively by fishing “Super trawlers”.

The massive drag and load their nets experience meant Dyneema provided a huge advantage with low water absorption, low drag and incredibly high tensile filament strength.

Today the Netex Dyneema is regarded as the lightest and strongest high golf safety screen netting in the world. Wind tunnel tests confirm the drag coefficient at almost 25% less than the best polyester equivalent.

Country Club International are responsible for the design and construction of most of Australia’s high engineered safety screens around Australia over the past 25 years.

Some of their “signature” screens include 30m high fences along Eastlink in Ringwood, Centenary Park/Peninsula Link, Ryde Parramatta Golf Course in Sydney, up to 36m high at Thornleigh Golf Centre in Sydney and Wembley Golf Complex in Perth.

They have now installed the Dyneema net at Metropolitan Golf Club in Melbourne adjacent to their new $4m services wing and also at Darwin Golf Course to cope with potential cyclonic conditions there.

The Royal Melbourne installation is the first in Australia to combine the Valmont tapered poles with Netex Dyneema netting.

Mike Baker – Managing Director of Country Club International – expects this to be the start of many more to come. “This totally fits with our company philosophy of supplying the best and nothing less”, he said.

To find out more about CCI’s Safety Netting and other services, head to their website.