Selecta DieselPower 400 Litre Cube

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A feature packed 400 Litre capacity DieselPower fuel source has been added to the significant Selecta range.

Featuring a 400-litre capacity Polytuff Diesel Cube tank this unit is considered the ideal choice for farmers, contractors, earthmoving or civil contractors requiring a secure, convenient and easy to use fuel transfer source.

It is the ideal size measuring 1130 mm in width, 960 mm in length and 660 mm in height to be carried securely on a utility, trailer or the tray of popular one-tonner vehicles and with its secure locking cover is ideal to protect against theft or pilferage of the diesel contents.

The Polytuff cube tank is ultra violet stabilised, impact resistant and is equipped with an internal baffle preventing fuel surging when mobile on the road.

Spaces for entry by a forklift’s forks are formed into the tank profile to facilitate easy lifting on or off a vehicle when empty.

Then it has an easy to read gauge to indicate the level of fill in the tank.

But a foremost feature is the fully lockable lid supplied with a padlock and designed to present a strong impediment to fuel theft or pilferage.

There is also a locking feature on the cap of the diesel filler opening to the tank.

The lockable lid also has a working stand that props the lid open when fuel delivery or filling is taking place.

All the important components including the twelve-volt DC self-priming Selecta DieselPower pump and the four-metre length of 19 mm internal diameter delivery hose with its auto shut off nozzle and swivel, together with the power cord and alligator clips for attachment to the battery source are contained neatly and out of sight beneath the secure cover.

The Selecta Diesel Power pump only requires attachment to the battery power source and achieves a flow rate of 40 litres per minute open flow.

Aiding its efficiency is the suction foot screen filter on the internal supply line.

Silvan Selecta spokesman Michael Frost says “our clients told us that their major concerns were about having diesel stolen from portable supply solutions when they are often left filled overnight or on job sites, or when in transit between machines, so we have introduced a fully secure compact 400 litre capacity tank and delivery package.

“The twelve-volt DC pump and fully equipped four metre delivery hose and gun aids easy diesel fuel transfer.

“Our Selecta range also offers tanks ranging from 100 to 2,200 litres in tank capacity together with an extensive range of pump, hose and supply equipment for those wanting to create their own site or purpose specific diesel supply systems”.

Further information on the Selecta DieselPower Cube 400 Litre secure package contact Silvan Australia on 1300 SILVAN (!300 745 826), or email or see