Shoalhaven City Turf Club’s drought fundraiser.

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The community’s generosity has been much appreciated by local farmers, who have benefited from the Shoalhaven City Turf Club’s recent drought fundraiser.

The club’s ‘Great Day Out to Fight the Drought’ race day was a raging success with $13,000 raised for farmers living within 150 kilometres of the Shoalhaven.

Gate takings, the many donations from attendees, raffles and silent auctions all went to achieving the great result.

Shoalhaven City Turf Club CEO Lynn Locke said a number of vouchers and donated goods were shared between five local farmers.

“We had five farmers apply, and we’ve shared the money equally between them,” she said.

“They are very grateful, they couldn’t believe it, one woman sent me an email and she was in tears when she received my email, she thought the amount of money they were getting was great.”

The five farmers each received vouchers for fuel, Stockland, Ison & Co and Bishops South Nowra.

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