Show-stopping winter plants

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Winter is full of lovely warm days; it’s a perfect time to enjoy the garden.

Winter may seem drab some days but, as you can see, there are lots of plants that show off their best at this time of the year and are small enough to suit most gardens.

You should also hop out to your local nurseries and see what they have in flower.

Fifteen of the best vibrant plants for the winter garden


As for climbing plants that look great, some of the mandevillas are looking fabulous. Keep an eye out for Petite White, with pure white flowers, and Forever Red, obviously with lipstick-red flowers. I would put both of them in the one pot for the Rose Red and Snow White effect. These mandevillas are perfect for pots on patios or verandas as they don’t get too large and out of control.

Sandpaper wattle

Acacia denticulosa, or sandpaper wattle,has the most curious long bright yellow flowers on a gangly 4m high tree. It is one of my favourite wattles and unfortunately is under threat in the wild, making it more important to include in our gardens.

Bird beak hakea

Hakea orthorrhyncha, also known as the bird beak hakea, has brilliant red flowers on a 4m tree. It occurs naturally in the Murchison and is as tough as old boots. The only nursery I have seen them is at Zanthorrea as they are pretty hard to find but if you want something exceptional in your native garden this and the sandpaper wattle will do the trick.

Prostanthera Minty

Another native shrub that doesn’t get anywhere near enough attention is the mint bush or prostanthera. There is no better fragrant native plant than Prostanthera Minty. It has soft minty fragrant foliage and delicate mauve flowers. Plant them somewhere near pathways or where you will brush up against the foliage.

Fragoo strawberry

On the theme of edibles there is a very tasty little strawberry treat named fragoo that’s new to the scene. It has bright pink flowers and very sweet fruit with runners up to 10cm long. Not only does it look great, the flavour is exceptional. These are also available from Dawson’s.

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