Silvan adds towbar pak spray boom for utility vehicle or atv spray rigs

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Silvan Australia has just released a new spray boom designed for easy attachment to a tray utility or UTV or ATV vehicle.

With a boom width that gives two metres of spray coverage the new Silvan Towbar Pak Boom will expand the range of roles that a vehicle mounted spray tank and pressure pump can command.

These task include especially weed control or similar width applications along driveways, mowed strips or firebreaks.

The unit comprises a galvanised steel frame that is fitted with a standard 50mm tow hitch.

On the frame is a stainless-steel spray tube that is fitted with four non-drip air induction spray nozzles at 50cm intervals that avoid spray drift.

Key features include breakaway clips if an obstacle is contacted together with an adjustable height of up to 50cm above the ground surface.

The complete unit, supplied ready for a quick assembly, weighs only 8 kilograms.

Silvan Australia’s Michael Frost says that research amongst owners of Selecta Redline and Spotpak sprayers told us they wanted to increase the flexibility of their units beyond a spray lance for weed application or spot spraying.

“In response our Silvan research and development team has devised this new product solution.

“When the requirement is for such tasks as weed control along driveways, firebreaks or mown areas the Towbar Pak Boom is simply fixed on an industry standard tow bar.

“It is easily connected with the delivery hose and on/off control that is supplied as a kit.

“When not required the unit can be removed and stored away as the total weight of the boom and fittings is only 8 kilograms

“With a Recommended Retail Price of only $495 Silvan belies this new boom assembly materially increases the efficiency and job tasks achieved with a conventional Spotpak or Redline spray unit”

For more information: Call 1300 SILVAN (or 1300 745 826) or email for technical specifications.