Silvan’s ProGrade™ sprayer range solves spraying needs with best in class product features

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Silvan Australia has released their new ProGrade range of professional sprayers that will be ideal for the primary producer, hobby farmer, contractor as well as home application purposes.

The new Silvan ProGrade range features quality construction with Viton seals and gaskets together with other hard wearing high-quality components and comfortable user-friendly design features.

Three model choices include 5 and 8 litre hand sprayers for home garden or smaller spray application needs, together with a 15-litre capacity no-leak backpack sprayer that will prove ideal for professional users.

Amongst the host of hand sprayer design features for the 5 & 8 Litre hand sprayers are teardrop tank shapes for stability with easy attached and readily adjustable shoulder or carry straps for comfort and safety.

The larger 15 litre no-leak backpack version features a no-leak internal pump with a key benefit being the prevention of leaks that can run down the back of the user which is a common problem with other backpack sprayers.

This sprayer also includes an internal agitation paddle ensuring that chemicals remain mixed in the tank.

Included are four nozzles with all Prograde sprayers that provide the user with a choice of spray applications including an adjustable brass, low and high-volume fan and a foaming nozzle. The no-leak sprayer is also supplied with a constant pressure regulator to ensure even spray coverage.

This larger 15 litre capacity backpack sprayer also features an ergonomic design for user comfort with a 150 psi maximum pressure capacity with a 25 psi regulator included for when a continuous spray pattern is sought.

Silvan spokesman Michael Frost says “after our decades of spraying experience we set out to design and have manufactured by a world-leading supplier a professional range of pressure sprayers that met our demanding specifications to achieve best in class product quality.

“We are confident that the three model choices in the Silvan ProGrade pressure sprayer range will be quickly recognised for their quality, application and user-friendly comfort features.

“Silvan Australia is supporting the ProGrade range with a five-year product warranty and a full back up parts and accessories program”.

Recommended Retail Prices are $69 for the 5 litre, $89 for the 8 litre and $179 for the 15 litre Backpack.

For more information on the ProGrade range see local Silvan and Selecta resellers (or most Bunnings Warehouse) outlets nationally or call 1300 SILVAN (1300 745 826) or email for full technical specifications.