Sir Walter to showcase in 20th Birthday celebrations

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Sir Walter DNA Certified – Australia’s favourite buffalo lawn – is turning twenty-years-old this month and Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) has got a few things planned to help celebrate such a terrific milestone.

Announcing the line-up of Birthday activities, LSA’s Business Manager Simon Adermann says there’s a mix of things happening to celebrate the event and just how important a contribution Sir Walter has been to our modern landscape.

With over 70-million-square-metres sold and nearly a million backyards now sporting a Sir Walter DNA Certified buffalo lawn, we reckon this achievement over 20 years is well-worth making some noise about,” he says excitedly.

Adermann is adamant that Sir Walter DNA Certified has helped put turfgrass and turfgrowers on the map as far as reputable landscape products are concerned.

Prior to Sir Walter there was all manner of grass-types out there that often didn’t work well for turfgrowers or Aussie yards . . . and there were even a few dodgy operators around that sold some shonky seed and grass-types as well,” he explains.

And he reckons Sir Walter changed all that with its network of reputable growers around the country.

Sir Walter DNA Certified was the first, real, nationally-branded-turfgrass that pretty-much-suited most of Australia’s harsh conditions and thrived in most home-yard settings.”

Over the years this reliable reputation earned the following of a number of household-name-ambassadors including television personalities; Don Burke and Nigel Ruck; and more recently Celebrity Landscaper, Jason Hodges who now proudly puts his name behind the LSA brand.

We’ve been fortunate over the years to have some great ties with such well-known personalities and it’s exciting to say that they’ll be joining-in with our Birthday celebrations,” Adermann said.

The birthday campaign he says has already kicked into gear; with backyard renovation competitions started on national radio, a major event planned for Darling Harbour on Wednesday, October 25 and the announcement of LSA’s major charity sponsorship for the year – the Movember Foundation.

We’re giving away a free backyard turf renovation with details on major talkback stations at the moment and we’re looking forward to getting our celebrity helpers to rub shoulders with the public at our big event in Darling Harbour on Wednesday week” he says.

It’s at that event that Sir Walter DNA Certified will also more fully announce it’s 2017-18 support for the Movember Foundation Adermann says.

Sir Walter DNA Certified sees strong parallels with their new partner, growing from a small base to a national phenomenon in a relatively short-space-of-time.”

“This is a terrific fit for both organisations,” he says, “And apart from a substantial financial kickalong we’re helping to encourage men to get involved in healthy choices; getting outside and active along the way.

“There’s also a like-minded story to tell with our growers being out there day-to-day selling a clean-green outdoor-activity message and much of their work involving in the main; young men,” he goes on to say.

We know that good-looking lawns and green space are well-known for their mental-health-benefits; and this new Sir Walter DNA Certified and Movember-link is a great opportunity to help get this message out and get guys active outside.”

“Whether it’s a Barbecue with friends, backyard cricket, a birthday or anniversary party or even the kids just having fun, Sir Walter DNA Certified lawn gives you the ideal environment to maximise your outdoor living and help keep you in the right frame of mind.”

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