Skynet starts on the ground

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After years of rumours, iRobot’s finally announced its robot lawnmower: the Terra. Now, instead of getting up early and mowing and annoying the neighbours, you can sleep in and let the robot do it for you. On top of being able to mow your lawn, it seems the Terra will borrow quite a few features from iRobot’s successful Roomba vacuum cleaners, including smart mapping.

The Terra looks a bit clunkier than its sleeker robot vacuum cousins, but that’s probably because as an outdoor robot, it’ll be exposed to the elements.

Basically, like its indoor vacuum cleaners, the Terra will be able to create a map of your yard and methodically mow your lawn in a back-and-forth pattern. It’ll also be able to remember which parts of the yard its mowed, as well as automatically return to its charging base when it’s low on battery.

And like its robovacs, the Terra will also work with the iRobot Home app. Users will be able to adjust grass height, as well as schedule whether their lawns are mowed day or night.

One interesting feature is the Terra will utilise wireless beacons, instead of pesky boundary wires. (You know, so your very expensive robot doesn’t wander off down the road to incite an uprising.)

As to how these wireless beacons work, iRobot told me that they are “Anchored into the ground with a stake that can be pushed or hammered. The beacons are meant to remain in place throughout the mowing season.”

Wireless beacons

Taking a glance at connected Roombas with similar features and adding the need for multiple wireless beacons, it’d be surprising if the Terra retailed for under $1,000.

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