Spend long hours mowing? Try Toro’s MyRIDE® Suspension System

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The Toro MyRIDE Suspension System developed for the Z Master® 3000 MyRIDE® and Z Master®6000 MyRIDE® is now available on selected Titan HD and TimeCutter mowers.

Brian Goodridge, Product Manager Equipment at Toro says: ”After its introduction in 2016, the response from users on the MyRIDE suspension system has been overwhelmingly positive. It has revolutionized the level of comfort we’re able to provide our end users. It’s all about keeping people comfortable and productive. Naturally the next step was to introduce the feature into models which are suited to homeowners and those with a few acres.

“The suspension system totally isolates the mower operator from the rest of the machine, by using a combination of shock absorbers, rubber mounts and a thick padded seat and armrests. Many mower operators have to deal with rough terrain and long hours of mowing. MyRIDE delivers up to 9.1 cm (3.6 inches) of travel and reduces impacts, bumps and vibrations for a much more comfortable ride.

“The suspension system has two rear shocks with springs that are easy to adjust from soft to firm in mere seconds so that you can lock in your own preference. And you don’t need any tools to do this. On the front of the machine is a single shock absorber in the centre of the operator platform along with rubber mounts that the seat sits on”, explains Goodridge. 

The suspension system is designed to limit side-to-side movement and control the pitch of the platform, as well.

Mower models that offer the MyRIDE feature are:

  • Timecutter MX5075, 127 cm/50” fabricated deck and Smart Speed Control System – Suited to homeowners
  • Timecutter HD, 137.2cm/54” fabricated deck and Smart Speed Control System – Suited to homeowners.
  • Titan HD Series, 132.1cm/52” fabricated deck and tool carrying brackets – Suited to homeowners with larger properties and mowing contractors.
  • Z Master 3000, 152.4/60” Turbo Force® deck – Suited to professional use.
  • Z Master 6000, 152.4/60” Turbo Force deck – Suited to professional use.

For more information visit www.toro.com.au