Sports Turf Association Australia Joins STMA-International

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As the world shrinks the pursuit of a greater knowledge and sharing of information becomes a strong driver for commerce and industry associations.

Sports Turf Association-Australia (STA) have joined with Sports Turf Managers Association-International (STMA) in a sharing of knowledge, skills, education, research and technology.

STMA, like STA-Australia, is an industry body focused on the education and advancement of skills, technology, understanding and management to the sports turf industry. With 49 Chapters across USA their annual three-day conference & workshops draws speakers of international standing along with being the focal point for release of new equipment and technology to the global turf industry.

Like STMA-International, STA Australia is the dominant Australian sports turf association with the key role the betterment of the entire Australian sports turf industry maintaining the turfed playing fields and green spaces valued throughout the entirety of urban Australia.  Through its vast membership from all corners of the nation it is the fulcrum for knowledge sharing open to the entire gamut of sports turf industry people and companies, from apprentice to Chief Executive Officer.

It has the mantra of sharing skills, knowledge, innovation, advocacy, developing best practice across the industry through conferences, educational workshops and networking opportunities, including commissioning and co-sponsoring relevant research projects.  With the catch cry “we nurture turf sports of all sorts” it is a true reflection of the association’s dedication to a nation of sports lovers and participants in outdoor sporting pursuits.

Chris Chapman – President of STA-Australia “We have a healthy industry association delivering a terrific standard of playing fields for football, soccer, racing, golf, cricket and the myriad of other turf field sports.  As the leading turf sports fields association in Australia it is imperative we advance the skills and learning across the industry for today and tomorrow.  Our linking with STMA-International reflects our own objectives in sharing our skills, technology, innovations and knowledge