Stadium demolition may cause job loss

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Maintenance workers at the Sydney Football Stadium and Cricket Ground have been told they are likely to lose their jobs, after the NSW Government announced they will demolish Allianz Stadium in a few weeks time.

The shock news came on Monday, with workers told by SCG Trust management that unless they could convince them otherwise, Friday would be their last day.

They were handed a letter after the one on one meetings which said the SCG Trust “would no longer require a number of maintenance positions one of which may be yours.”

Some of the plumbers, carpenters and electricians have been working for the SCG Trust for more than 20 years, while others had already been rostered on for shifts over the summer of cricket.

“You can’t just turn up one day and say we are demolishing your workplace come up with some answers in how we save your job,” Unions NSW Secretary Mark Morey said.

“It’s unfair, and unfair before Christmas.”

Sports Minister Stuart Ayres announced last week that Lend Lease will demolish Allianz Stadium after the New Year’s Test Match, and then build the new $730 million stadium.

Workers insist, the Sydney Cricket Ground will need all hands on deck, as NRL and A-League matches will be played there along with the AFL.

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