STANZ Chair report 2015

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The 2014/2015 year has been both challenging and rewarding for our industry hosting both the Cricket World Cup and Under 20 Football World Cup.

Not surprisingly our Turf Managers rose to the challenge of producing quality playing surfaces for both events, maintaining our excellent international reputation.

While our top venues and stadia were on show to the world it was business as usual for the rest of the industry who just got on and produced/maintained a couple of thousand other turf surfaces to meet the player demand from our active kiwis no matter what challengers were thrown at them!

The STANZ executive have also been getting on with business providing the industry with a source of information and a network to stay in touch and keep an eye on what we are all getting up to out there.

Along with our standard issue of newsletters we are also capturing and forwarding any media releases that relate to the Sports field sector, we hope this helps our members stay in the loop.

This year we had a member raise the issue of Agrichemical restrictions that are increasingly impeding our turf management practices. The executive committee are monitoring how the range of councils are approaching this difficult issue, please get in touch with one of us if you would like to discuss this further.

A change to our administration also took place this year with Shona Calder taking over the role of our administrator and she is always happy to hear of any news that may be included in our newsletters or issues you may have .

We also introduced our ‘membership donation’ this year to help cover our admin costs; thank you to those of you who contributed to this, as a volunteer organisation your support along with that of our sponsor partners is always appreciated.

Our current bank balance as of 8/11/15 sits at $9560.19.
Our membership currently sits at 331.

At this point work is ramping up towards the Turf Conference at Sky City in June 2016. STANZ is responsible for putting together the sports field sector program and we are very grateful for the time that Darren Kalka is giving to the programing committee on our behalf. If you have any interesting topics you would like to see presented please let us know asap.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our executive committee who continue to volunteer their time in order to ‘give back’ to the sports turf industry; Darren Kalka, Will Bowden, Alex Glasgow, Warwick Sisson, Chris Todd, Ian McKendry, Russell Smith, Matt Creswell and Jared Carter.

Kellie Rose