Suspicious grass fire at Gunnedah GC

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Police are investigating the circumstances of a suspected deliberately lit fire at the Gunnedah Golf Course in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Fire crews were first called to the scene after course employees spotted a grass fire burning around a dam at the golf course.

Gunnedah Fire and Rescue 314, Captain, Dave Welch said crews were quick to have the fire under control.

“A small area of grass was alight surrounding a dam, it appears that the fire was deliberately lit,” Captain Welch said.

“The golf course workers on the day stated that this area had been targeted before with firelighters.

“In these instances we really want to make sure the public make sure that all fires are reported quickly and any suspicious behaviour is reported to 000.”

Fire and Rescue Zone Commander, Tom Cooper, said the service was preparing for a long fire season.

“The fire season has actually been brought forward in the northern part of our zone and will begin in August,” Commander Cooper said.

“We are currently liaising with Rural Fire Service (RFS) and we will continue to do so as the fire season comes closer and during the season itself.”

Commander Cooper said the public should be planning to be fire ready.

“We are going to be prepared for the fire season there’s no doubt about that,” he said.

“It’s so important for everyone to have a fire plan in place because living in a rural area means fire can spread very quickly.

“Given how dry it has been due to the drought, the risk of a fire making it’s way into a residential area from the bush is heightened.

“However, we will be working with RFS and people can rest assured that we will be ready for the fire season.”

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