The Best of Both Worlds

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Homeowners can now have a lawn tractor and a zero turn mower too with the new Toro TimeCutter® SW Series zero-turn tractors.

These new innovative mowers are the perfect blend and combine the manoeuverability and time-savings of a zero-turn mower with the familiar ease of a steering wheel and speed control pedal of a lawn tractor, much like a car or tractor.

“The TimeCutter SW Series opens up a whole new option for Toro customers who are more comfortable with tractor-style steering,” says Elise Willemsen, Senior Marketing Manager Equipment at Toro Australia.

“These models give them the versatility they want while cutting mowing time significantly compared to a conventional tractor.” According to Willemsen, Toro residential zero-turn mower owners surveyed from 2008 to 2012 reported an average time savings of 45 percent compared to their previous mower.

The new TimeCutter SW Series features several groundbreaking innovations.

The Smart Park™ braking system automatically stops the mower deck and sets the parking brake when you need to get off the mower while keeping the engine running.

All TimeCutter SW Series models feature an intuitive steering wheel with a tilting steering column as standard, making it easy to get on and off the mower.

Each TimeCutter SW model is also paired with an exclusive Toro® V-Twin engine. “Toro engines are designed and engineered specifically for the machine it powers to maximize performance. The intelligent design and tight tolerances help it respond faster with more power when it’s needed,” Willemsen explains.

The engines utilize a double-barrel carburetor that allows a stream of air and fuel mixture to be dedicated to each cylinder separately rather than both cylinders competing for one stream of air and fuel mixture.

Additional features on the Toro V-Twin engine include the patent-pending Max-Flo™ self-cleaning airbox filtration system that helps keep dirt and debris out of the engine, as well as a convenient quick-drain oil hose. Just pop the hose out of its holder to drain the oil and pop it back in its holder when finished, no tools required.

The TimeCutter SW Series features thick 10-guage steel frames, heavy-duty engine guards and large caster forks for added durability.

Models are available in 42″(106.7cm) and 50″ (127cm) cutting widths. The 50” model has a fabricated deck.

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