The big fours of cleaning artificial grass

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Artificial grass is the perfect way to compliment your garden or for playing a sport on but to ensure it stays perfect of course you need to look after it.

Whether you are new to the turf life or seeking more information, knowing the basic do’s and don’ts is easy to look over.

Luckily our team can provide you with not only the products & machine to start your pleasant field of grass but we will also offer you professional advice.

The do’s:

Check it.

Once your artificial grass is set, you will have to maintain the good-looking green. Pick up the stray leaves and excess dirt. Use a rubber rake or brush these away with a soft-headed brush, so that they don’t become intertwined with the grass blades or play havoc with your drainage system.

Clean it.

Invest in a cleaning treatment suitable for your grass. If you find a liquid stain, damp the spot with wet cloth and make sure you blot it before using the cleaning treatment.

Get it professionally fitted.

Don’t do it yourself, make sure your grass has been fitted properly to secure a natural look.

Grass needs to be fitted in the correct way to allow the turf to properly drain.

Blocked systems cause water to lie stagnant. Testing your drainage before and after installing will avoid the issue.

Repair to prevent tear!

Do not let any tears, seams or holes develop – repair them as soon as you see them to avoid a Raggedy-Anne look.