The head groundsman at Queensland Country Bank Stadium

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The head groundsman for the new stadium has literally been watching grass grow for the past six months.

The turf – a mixture of artificial and real grass called Eclipse and grown in a single plot at Gumlow – was finally laid on the dirt inside Queensland Country Bank Stadium this week.

The playing surface itself is natural grass, but has an underlying mesh of artificial fibres to create a vertically and horizontally stable and perfect pitch.

Head groundsman Bruce Fouracre worked the grass at the 1300 SMILES stadium for almost 12 years, and said he’d been a “regular visitor” to the turf farm.

“It has been very interesting watching the new surface being planted and established,” he said.

“I’ve been a regular visitor to the turf farm to learn all I can, and now the new profile and turf surface is down, HG (Sports Turf) will be assisting us with the initial maintenance regimes.”

“I’m definitely looking forward to having a brand-new irrigation system, as well as some new equipment, including a new mower, an aerator, and a more spacious shed which we’re pretty happy about,” he said.

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