The Lawn Task You Should Limit Yourself On!

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As you tackle weeds on your turf and water the greenery, it may sound counterintuitive to not tend to your thriving, lush garden.

But experts are saying that it’s probably in your best interest to lay off the water hose and sprinklers.

With the help of some gardening experts, detailed why you shouldn’t be watering your lawn as frequently.

According to veteran British horticulturist, Stefan Buczacki, author of more than 50 gardening and natural history books, watering the lawn is not worth doing.

He simply stated: “Never, ever, water your lawn – it’s a complete waste of time, energy, and money.”

Carlos Real, lawn care expert and managing director of Total Lawn advised: “Do water only if it is unseasonably hot.

“Watering too early in the year encourages shallow root growth, and your grass would not be able to withstand the dry, hot summer weather we’d hope to expect a little later in the year, resulting in patchy, brown grass.”

Apparently, the only time you should water your lawn is when it shows clear signs that it needs some moisture.

Things like grass type, soil type, and exposure to the wind and sun will play a role in how often you water it as well.

And, it seems that the rain itself is enough to give your lawn the loving it needs, so you may not have to bother with the task of watering your lawn at all.

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