The redevelopment of Warrnambool’s Reid Oval is a complex project

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The redevelopment of Warrnambool’s Reid Oval is a complex project that the city’s council intends to get under way as soon as possible, says manager of recreation and culture Russell Lineham.

The council unveiled its business case for the long-awaited project to user groups on Tuesday, which revealed the initiative could cost up to $12.5 million and would be shovel ready by 2020.

Member for Western Victoria James Purcell has promised to secure $7 million for the project but said the council needed to be ready as soon as the 2018 Hampden Football Netball League season was over.

He said portable change rooms could be used while works were underway for the change rooms and spectator area.

But Mr Lineham said the proposed relocation included the construction of permanent change rooms – rather than portables – at other venues to accommodate clubs usually based at Reid Oval.

“These supporting projects would need to be in place before the work commences at Reid Oval – which explains the timeline,” he said.

“A key part of the success of the project will be the relocation of clubs while construction is under way. This  requires agreements from other clubs and venues willing to help out.” 

Mr Lineham said the projects would mean that the benefits of a Reid Oval upgrade would extend to multiple venues but were, at this stage, proposals only and would require external funding commitments.

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