Tipperary Golf Club Is Getting An Upgrade

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Upgrades and new facilities are well under way at the Tipperary Golf Club.

The club received a $74,791 grant under the Stronger Country Communities Fund for upgrades and new facilities.

Tipperary Golf Club president, Barry Hazlegrove, said the funding was helping to keep the club alive.

“How could a club with 50 members afford $74,000, without this grant we could never have afforded these upgrades,” he said.

“To build just the shed was beyond our means, because we have to run the club and provide our insurances.”

“So we really want to thank Steph Cooke for the grant as the club is a real asset to the community and our senior and junior players,” he said.

Mr Hazlegrove also thanked the companies and employees who are helping to complete the current upgrades.

“The Shed is coming from M.A. Steel and we’d like to thank our member Adam Jasprizza for doing the electrical work,” he said.

“Powderly’s have done the irrigation around the club. The sprinklers and installation of larger pump saves us 20 hours a week of work. The members aren’t dragging hoses around, now they can just turn the tap on.”

“The road work and causeway was done by Southcon and Oz Excavation and we’d like to thank Oz Excavation for the extra loads of granite they brought in and gave us.”

“John White from Allied Grain Systems is making and donating new gates and we’d like to thank him for that kind donation.”

“We’d also like to thank the Hilltops Council for their help and Barry Matthew for his help with our contribution to water pipes and soil to fill in our gully,” he said.

Member for Cootamundra, Steph Cooke, said she was excited to see new members attracted to the club.

“I am sure the golf club’s going to look fantastic thanks to the labour-saving automatic irrigation system, and I have no doubt that they’ll enjoy a boost in membership,” she said.

“The club, with its much-improved facilities, will be able to hold tournaments to attract players from across a wide area and bring visitor dollars into the local economy.”

This sentiment was supported by Mr Hazlegrove who said their members and their volunteer work make the club.

“One of our members Maxwell has been volunteering for nearly 20 years,” he said.

“He’s 91-years-old and he’s still helping and volunteering. He does little things around the club, mows the grass and waters, without his help we would be lost.”

“That’s what we are hoping these upgrades will do, bring more members who can volunteer. So the public is quite welcome to come see what’s been done out here,” he said.

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