Toro demo at Geelong

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Last week Toro featured at Parks and Leisure’s Victorian Seminar- Community Sportsground Maintenance and Management in Geelong.

Chris Linklater-Williams, the regional manager for Toro Irrigation, and Rohan Sutherland, the proprietor of Dawn Mowers (a long-time distributor of Toro), brought along a range of equipment to demonstrate to attendees. 


Chris brought along the T5 Series, T7 Series and the TS90 Series of sprinklers to exhibit at Thomson Reserve.

“Quality is our point of difference,” says Chris.

“One of the big benefits is the flushing action we have on our sprinklers. This helps to ensure positive pop-up and retraction of the sprinkler and reduces the chance of damage to sprinkler heads being kicked off when they finish operating.

“Plus our rotation speeds are very consistent, so you are putting down the right amount of millimetres every time you operate them through an irrigation cycle. 

“We have built a family of products all the way through the sprinkler range, we have something for all commercial turf applications.” 

While Chris covered off on the irrigation side of things, Rohan had all the turf maintenance machinery needs covered. 

Dawn Mowers has been a distributor for Toro for 15 years and look after Toro gear from construction equipment to commercial turf care, right down to consumer products and a landscape contractor equipment range. 


“We work really closely with Toro and it is a great relationship,” says Rohan. 

“Today we have brought three pieces of equipment down.

“First on up is a ReelMaster 7000-D, that is basically a three metre cut machine, with big high performance 50 horsepower. It is the largest in its category and a lot of the US golf courses will use this on the heavy couch summer grasses to really strip down and almost scarify it to a degree.

“We have also brought the ProCore 864, an aeration tool that can sit on the back of a 30 horsepower tractor. That’s the smaller brother of the ProCore 1298, the most precise, productive shallow tyne aerator that’s available on the market.

“Today we are showing these guys how smooth and quiet this machine is to operate and how productive it is, as a lot of the councils are facing heightened litigious obligations, so they have to make sure their grounds are safe. The Toro ProCore certainly softens the surface with the harder and hotter seasons that we have experienced in the last decade.


“And the third piece we have with us today is a Pro Force Blower, a high performance, 27 horsepower machine.

“It puts out massive air volume and is used in turf care applications for numerous reasons. Some superintendents blow dew off the grass before they cut or blow leaf matter and sticks that may damage their reels, or they use it on large carparks or artificial grass areas,” explains Rohan.

“One of our biggest customers, Scotch College in Melbourne, suggests it is one of their best tools in keeping the property looking immaculate.”

The T7 Series Sprinklers:
The Toro® T7 Rotor is built to withstand harsh conditions. It is designed for optimal irrigation efficiency and reliability.

TS90 sprinklers:

The Toro® TS90 Sprinklers are designed for large turf areas and have a radius of 16.2 metres to 29 metres. They are an ideal choice for parks, sports fields, synthetic turf, athletic fields and racetracks.

Reelmaster® 7000- D:

A multi-use, heavy duty mower designed for performance and productivity. Easy set-up and long-lasting adjustments, a Kubota® diesel engine, high-torque reel motors and the SmartCool™ auto-reversing fan, are just some of this innovative mowers’ features, that help ensure a superior cut. 

ProCore® 864:

An incredible 163cm of aeration width maximises productivity, with unbelievably smooth operation. 

Pro Force™:

This debris blower can be towed behind or mounted onto a utility vehicle. A high efficiency turbine helps to clear any surface and space effectively.