Toro Expands Lynx® Cloud-Based Features in New Release

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The Toro® Lynx® Central Control System unified all essential irrigation data into a single, easy-to-use interface, and the continued evolution of the system adds to the cloud-based features that make Lynx so user friendly and informative.

“Lynx is already considered an essential tool by golf course superintendents, and this expansion of the cloud-based services will give them even more control over course conditions,” said Paul Standerfer, Toro product manager for golf central controls.

New rendering schemes for the customized interactive course map add remarkable course management detail. Every sprinkler on the course is represented by a symbol and color that not only displays each sprinkler’s location, but also its current status and which Precip Management Group (PMG) to which it belongs. Superintendents will be able to review irrigation rates and ensure that the water hitting the ground ideally matches the infiltration rate of that area of the course.

In addition, a patent-pending feature provides superintendents with a graphic display of the irrigation plan as programmed. “The rendering provides a symbol that represents how much water each sprinkler is scheduled to deliver,” notes Standerfer. “With just a glance, course managers will be able to confirm the plan as scheduled or easily make any needed adjustments. And, of course, since it’s all cloud-based, they can review the course and plan from anywhere at any time.”

The latest version will also streamline the relocation of sprinklers on the interactive map after adjustments have been made, eliminating the need to manually enter the changes and resynchronize the interactive map. With just two clicks on the cloud-based Lynx Map application, the updates can be synchronized in about five seconds.

Along with thorough and efficient irrigation management, the latest enhancements provide course superintendents with peace of mind. Systems that are entirely cloud-based leave courses vulnerable to a variety of difficulties beyond their control, such as the loss of Internet service, downtime in the “cloud” facility, and more. “The difference with Lynx is that it utilizes cloud-based tools, but isn’t limited to only them,” explains Standerfer. “There’s a local component that houses all database information, protecting superintendents from downtime and programming loss.”

At the same time, Lynx is also unique in that it provides a hybrid backup system, which means that the database is backed up both locally and in the cloud. So whether there are issues onsite or offsite, superintendents still have control. Plus, because of the cloud-based backup, subscribers to Toro’s exclusive National Support Network (NSN®) who need new hardware will receive it with the backup already loaded, allowing them to put it to work instantly rather than having to take the time to load the backup themselves.

The cloud-based aspect of the next evolution of Lynx also keeps the system current through ongoing updates Toro continues to innovate. Additional features are planned to roll out in 2020 and beyond.

From the long-trusted Lynx tools to the new additions, Toro strives to make sure Lynx Central Control serves superintendents in the most efficient and effective way possible. “Many of the new enhancements were asked for by superintendents,” said Standerfer. “We listened and responded.”

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