Toro Expands Popular Workman® GTX Vehicle Line with New Lifted Models

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Toro has literally raised the bar with two new additions to its lineup of Workman® GTX Utility Vehicles.

The new Workman GTX Lithium-Ion Lifted and Workman GTX EFI Lifted models each provide an additional three inches of ground clearance compared to traditional Workman GTX machines. The EFI unit is currently available, and the lithium-ion powered unit will be available in March 2020.

The higher clearance protects golf courses by making it easier for operators to drive over rough or uneven areas without causing damage, plus it reduces the risk of accidentally dragging debris that can gouge the turf. Both models utilize modern 12” wheels and large 22” tires that protect the course by evenly distributing weight, and the tires feature a tread pattern specially designed for driving over turf.

The lithium-ion technology powering the new Workman GTX Lithium-Ion Lifted model is built to deliver hours of reliable performance. It boasts the largest cargo capacity of any lithium-ion powered model in its class, so it can handle big jobs. And, because the lithium-ion power packs are nearly 26% lighter than lead-acid batteries, it makes a big impression on productivity without leaving a big impression on course turf. The power packs are also maintenance-free, so the machine is always ready to get to work and has a long lifespan.

“We’re excited to offer a lithium-ion utility vehicle of this size,” said Andrew Ihrke, associate marketing manager at Toro. “Courses will see reduced fuel costs and reduced maintenance costs, while still having the large capacity they need for a wide range of jobs. And, of course, the extra ground clearance of both models allows operators to more easily move around all areas of their property.”

Along with offering the two new lifted models, Toro has also bolstered the entire GTX lineup with upgraded features that make an already comfortable ride even better, with enhanced suspension components, reducing the maintenance requirements on multiple systems to save time and money, and alleviating even more sound to help users continue to move around the course unnoticed.

The new Workman GTX Lithium-Ion Lifted and Workman GTX EFI Lifted models are part of Toro’s ongoing commitment to provide golf course operators with the versatility to get more productivity from a single machine. To learn more about the complete Workman GTX line, visit