Toro launch the Hippo Clamp

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Tough and reliable: why experts say Hippo Clamps are a cut above the rest.

Whether you’re irrigating crops or landscaping a garden, it’s important to have a sturdy poly pipe or drip line system in place. But without the right clamp, you could be in for a disaster. That’s why industry experts are recommending Toro’s new Hippo Clamps.

These innovative stainless steel irrigation clamps are the talk of the town amongst irrigators all over Australia. A few lucky professionals had the chance to test out the clamps before they hit the market. Here’s why they recommend giving the clamps a go.

 1.     The unique colour-coding system makes it easy to identify sizes
Unlike any other stainless steel clamping range, the specially designed Hippo Clamps are individually colour-coded so you can easily identify the right size clamp for your project.

Leon Larsen from Darling Irrigation supplies a range of customers across the domestic, agricultural and commercial field with leading irrigation products. His dealership was one of the first in Australia to stock Hippo Clamps, and while it’s still early days, he’s very impressed with the product, particularly the invaluable colour-coding system. 

“What really stands out for me is the distinct colouring on Hippo Clamps. The colour-coded system makes it really easy to identify clamp sizes. I can tell by the quality of the workmanship the colours wouldn’t fade over time either, which is another great bonus for customers,” says Leon. 

You can also use Toro’s handy Hippo Clamp Selector Wheel to quickly find the right size clamp that best suits your needs. This is available in store or at

 2.     The secure latch system ensures a positive lock every time
Undoubtedly the standout feature of Hippo Clamps is the positive lock mechanism.

David Busnello from Agri Australis is yet to install the Hippo Clamps for his hazelnut crops, but he’s already seriously impressed with the design.

“Hippo Clamps are a massive improvement from anything we’ve ever used before. The latching mechanism is very intuitive, which is something other clamps lack. The positive lock means we can hear when the clamp is locked into place, and once it’s locked in, it’s locked tight,” says David.

Plus, being manufactured by such a trusted brand with over 40 years of experience in irrigation, customers are confident in the quality of the product.

“We’ve been selling Hippo Clamps by the thousands. Our customers are more than happy to test them out because they’re so confident in the brand,” says Leon Larsen.

3.     The Hippo Clamp Tool makes installation a breeze

The Hippo Clamp Tool is another useful feature that makes Hippo Clamps even easier to work with. In just two simple steps, you can quickly install or remove the clamps with ease. 

Joe Giannini of Joe Giannini Paving and Landscaping installed a range of Hippo Clamps at a residential site in Allenby Gardens, South Australia, earlier this year. And he couldn’t be happier with how they’re performing. He particularly appreciates how easy the Hippo Tool is to use.

“The Hippo Tool makes the installation process simple. It’s really easy to use — all you need is one hand! And if I ever need to remove the clamps, I can just turn the tool upside down to unlock it. I definitely recommend it to anyone in the industry,” says Joe.

With such positive feedback already, there’s no doubt the demand for Hippo Clamps will continue to grow across well into the future.

If you’d like to test the clamps out for yourself, visit or head to your local Toro dealer.