Toro releases the highly-anticipated Groundsmaster 3000

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Toro Australia are excited to introduce the nation to its all new out-front rotary mower: the highly anticipated Groundsmaster 3000 Series mower.

Brian Goodridge, Product Marketing Manager – Equipment for Toro Australia told Turfmate International that they’ve had this coming for a long time and are very pleased to finally have it on Australian shores.

“The old Groundsmaster 3280 has been around for a long time so we’ve all been waiting for the 3000. The 3000 retains the proven Groundsmaster deck and the robustness expected of the Groundsmaster name, but is a lot more user-friendly,” explains Brian.

Brian says that a lot of the changes Toro have brought in with the 3000 share similarities with existing Toro machines, such as their fairway mowers and greens mowers. These are features like the adjustable steering columns and controls located on the right hand arm-rest.

“If someone hops on this mower who has had our other mowers, they’ll understand how it’s used and how the controls are laid out, there’s familiarity there. The fingertip controls are easy to adjust and reach, the air-ride suspension seat is nice and comfortable and the steps make it easy to get on and off too,” says Brian.

Turfmate Internationals Sales Manager, Brett Macpherson recently demoed the mower and found the results to be as impressive as the user experience.

“This unit was ultra-impressive with anything we threw at it. It delivered a fine, low cut on manicured green grass with no problems, hilly terrain and it even handled the uneven ground like a mountain goat! When we took it on the tough, thick rough it chewed up and spat out without missing a beat,” says Brett. “You wouldn’t expect Toro to bring to market anything less than a perfectly balanced machine and it’s pretty obvious significant time and effort has gone into getting this one just right.”

Easy maintenance is another drawcard of the Groundsmaster 3000. While a lot of similar units from competitors arguably have too much crammed in when you open up the bonnet, the Groundsmaster 3000 is designed so that all the service points are right in front of you, making servicing air filters, transmissions and clutches straightforward.

Another exciting development is Toro’s use of improved technology when it comes to tilt-up decks.

“Tilt-up decks are a great feature for when something gets caught in the blades. You can just lift the deck up and get the blockage out, which is something we haven’t had before,” says Brian. “We’ve had feedback that a lot of competitor machines that have tilt-up decks are difficult to use, as there are quite a few latches and sometimes you need two people to do it. But ours is specifically designed to be lighter and less awkward, so it will actually be used.

Currently Toro Australia can offer customers the Groundsmaster 3000 with a 25-horsepower engine and four-wheel drive. In October this year, they will be adding the 37-horsepower four-wheel drive model to the range, along with a Cab version.

No doubt the ever-expanding range will continue to impress customers, long into the future.

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Visit Toro’s website to learn more about the Groundsmaster 3000 or speak to your Toro dealer today.