Toro T5 Series Rotor

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The Toro T5 Series Rotor is packed with features including an industry-leading 5” pop-up
height, advanced nozzle technology and superior, debris-tolerant seal.

Toro has now enhanced its revolutionary T5 Series Rotor with the new RapidSet™
feature. RapidSet™ technology offers a quick and effortless way to adjust rotor arc
settings with no tools required.

It works with just a few twists of the nozzle turret. Turn the head clockwise to set the right
arc edge; turn the head counter-clockwise to increase the arc to the desired position. The
arc can be reduced in a similar fashion. A built in ‘slip-clutch’ protects the gears during

Irrigation Product Manager at Toro, David Richardson said the RapidSet™ was easy to
operate for home gardeners and the technology significantly reduced installation time.

“The arc adjustments can be made quickly using no tools,” he said.

“Contractors have embraced the Toro T5 Series Rotors because of their ease of
installation, versatility and reliable performance.”

The T5 rotor has a 5” pop up height that sits in the same footprint as competitive 4”

Mr Richardson said that the height of the rotor can make all the difference.

“Now, it’s easier to retrofit and upgrade existing irrigation systems without having to do
any extra digging.

“The taller pop-up height allows grass to grow longer and roots to grow stronger –
producing greener, healthier lawns.”

The T5 also features a high-performance, patent-pending Airfoil™ nozzle design.
he Airfoil™ technology creates a low pressure zone under the nozzle stream to gently
glide water downward for close-in watering that won’t wash away seeds, making it ideal
for grow-in applications.

The Toro Company specialises in the production of turf maintenance and irrigation
equipment, and is this year celebrating its 100th