Toro wins top 4 mowers with CHOICE

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Toro Australia are excited to announce that 4 of their walk behind push mowers have recently received a “CHOICE Recommended” award and have been ranked as the top 4 highest scores amongst the 40 mowers that were tested by Choice.

Petrol-powered mulcher and catcher-only lawnmowers were put to the test. Scores were given for :
-which models perform best in mulching and catcher modes
-which ones are easiest to use
-which models have the features and specifications to suit your needs.

Ranked No.1 with a 90% score: Toro Super Recycler® Personal Pace® (20836)
Ranked No.2 with a 89% score: Toro Recycler® Personal Pace® Electric Start (20374)
Ranked No.3 with a 89% score: Toro Recycler® Personal Pace® All-Wheel Drive (20353)
Ranked No.4 with a 88% score: Toro TimeMaster™ Electric Start (21200)