TORO’s Infinity Razor

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Riverside, California, United States: Toro has announced the launch of the innovative INFINITY RAZOR kit to streamline maintenance efforts and prolong the intervals between servicing sprinklers on commercial irrigation systems.

The new kit was designed with feedback from end users to increase labour savings, enhance gameplay, improve course aesthetics and help eliminate trip hazards. By bringing the sprinkler head flush with the playing surface, RAZOR inserts help optimise irrigation efforts, potentially contributing to water savings.

The RAZOR kits come with three incremental inserts, allowing golf course superintendents and technicians to select the right insert(s) to fit the needs of each individual sprinkler head. The RAZOR kit includes:

  • RAZOR One, a 1.5-inch screw, raising the sprinkler head approximately 0.5 inches from its factory configuration of one inch.
  • RAZOR Two, a two-inch screw, raising the sprinkler head approximately one inch from factory configurations.
  • RAZOR Three, a 2.5-inch screw, raising the sprinkler head approximately 1.5 inches from factory configurations.

“This relatively simple technology is revolutionising the way golf course superintendents manage the settling of sprinkler heads across their courses,” said Jim Wright, Senior Product Manager at Toro, an Executive Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation. “This quick 10-minute installation offers the same outstanding results as digging up and repositioning sprinklers each year.”

Installation of the RAZOR kit is simple. Technicians only need to remove the cover of the INFINITY sprinkler, install the RAZOR kit and replace the cover. No digging is necessary to install the kits, and installation can be completed in a matter of minutes.

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