Townsville Golf Club looks for water options

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One of the city’s best known golf clubs is looking to draw on water from Aplins Weir as a short-term solution to its irrigation needs.

Townsville Golf Club announced yesterday its intention to proceed with the plan, which requires development of a $500,000 pipeline, after pre-approval talks with

The club’s general manager, Mitch Bligh, said the pipeline was the first phase of a sustainability initiative to transition to total wastewater reuse as part of the council’s citywide reuse program in 2020.

The club has been drawing on the city’s potable water supplies since its 40-year-old sewerage treatment plant, supplying wastewater for irrigation, was removed earlier this year.

Mr Bligh said the club was consulting with Ross River users and residents to explain the need for the project and the work being done to support its feasibility.

“We are committed to ensuring this project will have minimal impacts on users of Aplins and surrounding residents and that its benefits are clearly communicated,” Mr Bligh said. “The end result is this pipeline will save substantial amounts of city water until we are able to partner the council on its citywide water recycling project.”

The club is drawing up to 300 megalitres of drinking water a year to irrigate the course.

Mr Bligh said a report by engineers Cardno, supported by sustainability consultant Earth Environmental, showed the project would have little impact on the Aplins Weir storage.

If drought persisted and storage levels fell, pumping would be stopped.


The club plans to install a 3.8km, 200mm diameter pipe along the high bank of Ross River away from areas of public use and a pumping plant near Aplins Weir.

Mr Bligh said water was critical for the future of the club which was part-way through a $17 million redevelopment of the course.

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