Townsville Golf Club to use recycled water scheme

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Townsville Golf Club will be the first to get into the swing of the city’s water recycling scheme.

The Townsville City Council scheme will see recycled water used to irrigate sports facilities and parklands.

Council’s Water and Waste Committee recently recommended Townsville Golf Club to become a foundation customer.

The committee gave the golf club the green light to access water from Aplins Weir as a short-term solution for its needs.

The development to install a 3.8km pipeline would cost $500,000, and run between Aplins Weir and the course.

After the scheme is operational, the pipeline connecting the golf course will be re-used to carry recycled water to the course and surrounding areas, including the northern riverbank parkland.

It is understood council is addressing the salinity in the treated water at the Cleveland Bay Purification Plant before it will be used for irrigation purposes.

Deputy Mayor Les Walker said the scheme was part of council’s water security solution.

“This agreement between Council and the Golf Club ensures the course will remain in top condition until the water reuse scheme is operational,” Cr Walker said.

Aplins Weir. Picture: Shae Beplate

“The pipeline to Aplins Weir will save about 300ML a year of potable water being used on the course until the water reuse scheme is complete.”

Cr Walker said council was committed to delivering long-term water security for the city.

“The new water pipeline will be built by the end of 2019, and this water reuse scheme will help ensure our public parks and sports facilities are green all year round,” Cr Walker said.

“Water security is a key priority for Council and we aren’t wasting any time in delivering these crucial projects because we know that praying for rain isn’t a long-term strategy.”

Townsville Golf Club general manager Mitch Bligh. Picture: Shae Beplate

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