TurfBreed expands Native turf portfolio with purchase of OZ TUFF®

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TurfBreed is happy to announce its purchase of the well-known native turf variety, OZ TUFF®.

Discovered in 2001 by turf breeder Robert Morrow, OZ TUFF® is an exceptional native green couch from Childers in Queensland.

It was immediately identified as a superior plant growing among common green couch.

TurfBreed Managing Director, Steve Burt, said that OZ TUFF® offers an excellent native couch alterative to common couches currently grown. “At TurfBreed we aim to have several grass varieties in each category and OZ TUFF® is a great native grass that, with the backing of TurfBreed branding and support, will have a significant impact in the green couch market.”

Extensive research has occurred on the variety to prove that it is true-to-type and the PBR for OZ TUFF® was granted in 2005.
OZ TUFF® was ranked number one for wear tolerance and recovery following studies conducted by the former Redlands Turf Research team for wear tolerance (Roche et. al, 2012).

The variety has demonstrated improved wear tolerance compared to other turf species like blue couch, kikuyu and other green couch varieties.

In terms of suitability, OZ TUFF® meets all categories such as residential, commercial/industrial, parks and sports fields.

Australian Sports Turf Consultants also conducted studies to determine if growing ryegrass within the dense OZ TUFF® thatch layer was possible, and proved successful. Another feature of OZ TUFF® is that it grows on a wide variety of soil types and can be watered with poorer quality water.

Studies conducted by the Queensland Government also found that OZ TUFF® continued growing at salinity levels of 30 dS/m – where sea water is 54 dS/m (Poulter et al. 2010).

For more details or information, contact TurfBreed Managing Director, Steve Burt, at sburt@turfbreed.com.au or 0419 007 398.

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