Turfgrass Certification that gives the customer assurance they are getting quality and what they paid for

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The International Turfgrass Genetic Assurance Program (ITGAP) is the world’s premier turf quality assurance system that monitors turf production sites worldwide to ensure that turfgrasses are grown, inspected, and sold under a rigorous set of rules and guidelines.

ITGAP inspectors from the USA undertake these inspections in all regions that produce ITGAP certified grasses worldwide, except in Australia. In a world first, AusGAP has been entrusted with upholding the standards of the ITGAP protected grasses through an exclusive agency agreement.

AusGAP – The Australian Turf Accreditation Program, provides Australian turf buyers the assurance that the turf they are purchasing adheres to a stringent set of quality standards and that the varietal purity is kept generation after generation.

Nick Dorney operates the AusGAP certification program in Australia, which is the only registered ITGAP agent in the world.  

As ITGAP agents, AusGAP inspectors must ensure that the Australian growers meet all areas of compliance under the ITGAP guidelines. When you purchase turf from an AusGAP Certified producer, you can be sure you are purchasing from the best turf producers in the industry. 

ITGAP Training

Through annual overseas study tours, AusGAP ensure that their central team are at the forefront of turf education, attending regular USA based training and are committed to partnerships with – The Turfgrass Group, Bladerunner Farms, Team Zoysia International, along with ITGAP and UGARF (University of Georgia Research Foundation) all leaders in the field of turf research, breeding and production.

In late May 2018, Nick Dorney flew to Athens Georgia to carry out ITGAP inspection training and to view some of the larger turf production farms of ITGAP certified turfgrasses.

The visit involved a full day of paperwork in the ITGAP headquarters of Athens then a three-day field trip through Georgia to large scale sod farms such as Super Sod, the world’s largest producer of TifTuf and NG Turf who have been producing Sir Grange (Zeon) for more than 10 years.

The ITGAP program has laid the foundations for a new standard in turf production and quality of product worldwide which is now echoed here in Australia. A series of monitored self-inspections and independent audits ensure that the varietal purity of these unique and superior grass cultivars that have been produced through years of research and development are now available in Australia and guaranteed through AusGAP certification.

The AusGAP certification program has been rolled out Australia wide over the past 3 years and includes producers in every state and territory of Australia. AusGAP continues to improve on the systems and methods in place to build on this unique relationship with ITGAP and their American partners while also providing the Australian consumer with the piece of mind that every bit of AusGAP certified turf has been monitored for quality and purity from planting to harvest and delivery.

For more information visit the AusGAP website – ausgap.com.au

Contact: Nick Dorney
AusGAP Compliance Manager
Ph: 0420 418 744