Turfmaster HDX testimonial

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Matt Brennan, owner of Oasis Lawncare in Nowra, southern NSW, has recently trialed the new Toro TurfMaster HDX mower. Brennan has been running his business for 26 years and already owns 3 TurfMaster mowers.

Keen to give the new version a try he says: “I think it is a winner. This should be the number one contractors choice, this mower has a superior gearbox, is simple to maintain and easy to work on. With variable speed, it’s so easy to move around the yard.

“Productivity gains when using this mower are great. We’ve had about 30 %– 40% timesaving, where we normally mow 10-11 lawns per operator per day this has now increased to 14-15 for a single operator, saving a wage each and every week of the growing season.

 “I also really liked the quality of cut and the fact that the mower didn’t leave any wheel marks, the wheels are perfectly sized. I had fantastic service from Toro representatives, they really listen to what you have to say, great company, great products”.

Brennan has since ordered the new TurfMaster HDX for his business.