turfmate competition WINNER!

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A few months ago, we told you, our loyal turfmate readers, that we wanted to thank you for all of your support over the past couple of years.

To celebrate turfmate’s 100th newsletterwe gave one lucky reader the chance to win a once in a lifetime experience from adventure specialists, Red Balloon.

We are pleased to announce the randomly selected winner, Alison Hall from StrathAyr.


She opted to enjoy a white water rafting experience for two, and we will be checking back in with her next year to find out how it went.

Congratulations Alison! For now, let’s subject Alison to turfmate’s 21 questions to get to know her a bit better.

1. Name: Alison Hall 

2. Place of work and position: StraythAyr Instant Lawn- Administration Manager.

I started with StrathAyr 16 years ago when I was doing a TAFE course and needed work placement.  I started as a casual and the hours just grew and my role changed from trainee in sales, to PA for Bill Casimaty our Chairman and founder of StrathAyr Instant Lawn. When Bill partially retired and was spending more time at the home farm in Tassie, I moved more into a support admin role for the Turf Systems – racetrack and sportsfield construction – side of the business.

Then we had the drought, which meant we downsized the turf side of the business to accommodate for the downturn and I was lucky enough to be one of the original team that was retained and here I am today, back in sales admin and back to full swing in turf production.  

3. Family: Married to Brendan for 34 years with three adult children- Brent (30), Cassie (28) and Jarrod (21), as well as two amazing grandchildren, Connor (6) and Olivia (3).

4. Favourite food: A really good steak.
5. Favourite movie: I am not a movie buff but Ghost was a good cry!
6. Favourite band/ musician: No favourites, I just turn on the radio and listen.

7. Favourite sport:  Horses, both dressage and eventing. Also skiing (water and snow).


8. Favourite sporting teams: Hawthorn Football Club, go Hawks! 

9. Hobbies:  I’m a bit of an animal lover, so spending time with my horses and dogs. I love spending time in the garden and travelling.

10. Drinker/ favourite drink: Anything sparkling!
11. Travelled to: Around Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. 

12.  If you had to be a woman / man for the day who would you be? Me! I am pretty happy with my world. 

13. What would make your job easier? We could do with an extra body in the office full time, just to lighten the load. 

14. Best thing about your job? The people I work with! And just being able to look out the window at the hills and enjoy the birds and rabbits etc. 

15. Who is your dream date? Brendan of course! If Hugh Jackman is busy. 


16.  If you could pick one person, dead or alive, who would you invite for a Sunday roast? Richard Attenborough, my god, that man had an interesting life. 

17. Who has been the biggest influence in your life and why: My family. My wonderful parents, sister and my fantastic hubby and beautiful kids. 

19. Describe your home garden: Lots of grass, it is very rambling and lots of natives, as well as some roses, fruit trees and a great strawberry patch. 

20. Personal work motto: Give 110% all the time. In a phone based sales role it is really important to always have a smile in your voice and make the person on the end of the phone feel important.

21. Funniest moment in the workplace? Okay… so I had a blonde moment when I put the UFH to my ear to listen to the response.