Using junk mail in gardening

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As long as there is junk mail, schoolwork, bills or anything else printed, there will always be and endless source of compostable material from inside the house. And while we’re having some good clean family fun reducing unwanted paper to confetti creating a wonderful carbon-rich addition for the compost pile and ultimately the best soil amendment in the world.

With the help of a good shredder, you can make great composting ingredients quickly and easily and finally put those papers in their proper place! Shredders are readily available today from many sources; drug stores, office supply stores and the big warehouse clubs all sell them. Shredders can even cut through CDs, DVDs and credit cards. However, knowing that everything you shred is destined for the compost pile, you should not include these.  It can take about 15 sheets at a time, cuts paper into confetti and handles a large volume, all without removing a single staple or paperclip.

Recycle the junk mail into something even better, for a garden you care about.

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